Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cooling off at school this summer!

Hello Friends,

Summer is here and so comes the heat! Nhaka Foundation is proud to be in partnership with Ruffs Kitchens which supports the daily feeding program in some of the schools we operate in seeing about 5 174 children being fed every single day! As summer beckons the children will be receiving 500ml of the nutritious traditional drink called maheu. Served as a cold and refreshing beverage this drink surely does refresh the children.

We have been working hard the past couple of months on various fronts. The team has been implementing various interventions through the early childhood program such as classroom renovations, health screenings to help with early identification of disease, parenting meetings to promote great parenting practices amongst parents and caregivers as well as working with schools to establish outdoor playground centres for the early childhood development classes.

I have also been out and about on the regional and international front, working with various partners to promote access to early childhood development for children living in difficult circumstance across Africa and around the world. This work has certainly broadened my view especially of the work we are currently implementing in Zimbabwe and also opened up different lessons that I have brought home for adaptation and implementation in the communities we work in. 

Follow some of the regional work we have been involved  here  as well as read about us in articles that we have contributed to such as in the ACEI Childhood Explorer Summer 2015 issue by clicking  here . As a learning organization we are happy to be part of various initiatives that will ensure that children will enjoy a brighter future that opens up a whole lot of possibilities for their lives.

Until next time,