Saturday, August 16, 2014

Catching up...

Hello friends,

These are exciting times at Nhaka Foundation. A lot of things have been going on in all facets of the organisation i.e from Admin to Programs. We are grateful to you our friends and partners for the journey that we are taking together. 

Since my last update/post, I have travelled around the country looking at various initiatives that are being undertaken by organisations as well as the various efforts being made by various individuals to promote the wellbeing of the Zimbabwean children. I have also been honoured to meet with various funders who are looking for ways to support the Zimbabwean cause targeted at ensuring that our littlest and most vulnerable children receive the support that they need so that they live happy and fulfilling lives.

Apart from taking a physical journey, I have also been travelling, this time in my spirit. My relationship with God has grown tremendously particularly as I have quiet moments, ruminate on the word of God, the promises He has made over my life and indeed the Word He has spoken over Nhaka Foundation. It is true friends, God watches over His word to perform it. Many of you know of the testimony of Nhaka Foundation and I am proud to say that indeed God is watching over His word and it is springing to life.

When one looks around and at best looks deeply into the Zimbabwean situation, we see no end in sight. We see suffering, we see children not going to school, not having three square meals a day, not prospering, lack of health services, increased maternal mortality, children heading households, an economy that has spiralled out of control. These are the daily heartaches that we are having to wake up to and the realities that we have to face. When shall we live in a Zimbabwe that has abundance for all, a society that is just and whose rulers are fair? I have been spending a lot of time also with my seniors, people who saw the sun decades before i did...trying to delve into their minds, getting wisdom and knowledge at the same time. Interesting journey this has been.

So what is consuming your time, your mind and where are the treasures of your heart? I know a lot of you will be starting up a conversation with me about this..lets talk! remember you can drop me an email on Thank you for the conversations that we continue to have. 

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Be blessed!