Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reflections of times gone by

Dear friends,

Another year has been added to my life today and I am so grateful. To those that have watched me grow and develop into the man I have become, they can attest to how this life has been a testimony of the grace, mercy and love of our Lord Jesus. Having been picked up from the miry clay as it were, my life has become a symbol of hope for many orphans, widows and families living in difficult circumstances. With this thought comes the heavy burden on my shoulders to carry on, diligently, passionately and with no excuse in serving those that need help and in creating relationships that foster the growth and development of the next person.

I am grateful too that more than a decade ago I managed to identify the will of God for my life and that in living and executing that purpose, I have traversed the world, been far and wide and have gone through a lot of experiences that at times make me feel older than my age. For that too I am grateful! When life gives us lemons, we should make the best lemonade there is on the land. Being a product of hardworking parents who instilled a lot of discipline, focus and love, I am glad and very honoured to be a father to my two children, who is also able with the help of God, instil the same values to my own children. Further more, being married to a true pillar of strength, a loving, compassionate and thoughtful wife who balances me out in every single way makes the journey more enjoyable.

At this point in my life, the journey continues with expectations of what lies ahead. Great expectations of what God has in store. I am delighted and very happy of the path I have been led too, mind you the path has been fraught with some experiences I would not have chosen for myself but through them, been able to appreciate what life really is about. Certainly not about fame, riches and luxuries but about living and executing the purpose that lies within us all. For we are each uniquely created, gifted and are duty bound to make this world a better place for future generations.

I am grateful for the supportive wife and family, friends, accountability partners, mentors, Pastors and support systems that keep me away from trouble! As we each trudge along on the journey of life, lets remember that all we do points towards the legacy we will leave after we pass on.

God bless you!


We were born to unite with our fellow men, and to join in community with the human race.