Thursday, October 30, 2014

Our children, smile laugh and cry!

Dear friends,

I am delighted to share that we have over the past 10 months been able to streamline our work, have better operational efficiencies and reaching out to more children. 

We are grateful for true partnerships that join hands with us and work to support the lives of children in Zimbabwe. Last night I had a conversation with one of the respected citizens of Zimbabwe and she took me back memory lane to the things that this country used to do to ensure that children are safe and living in secure environments. Some of the information she shared was from back in the day and I could not relate to it because I was not born yet! As much as these mechanisms of childcare where developed in the colonial period, the new government failed to maintain the systems that ensured that the poor and vulnerable children would be taken care of. Now that is really sad…

When I reflect on the work that we are doing at Nhaka Foundation, I see how as a team we are working to reweaving these mechanisms and trying to get communities to take more responsibility to look after their children. Granted this is not an overnight process, we will continue to claw away and ensure that communities value children, respect their wishes and creates friendly spaces for them to play and learn.

When we look at life, how many of us wish that our children do well in life and that they become happy, responsible and productive individuals, citizens, members of society, members of families, leaders, parents and brothers and sisters? This off course should be what everyone cherishes and have as a dream. Are we doing enough to help our children, to ensure that they have all the opportunities available to them?

Im our daily hustle and bustle do we to pause to think and reflect on the fact that our children also have a human side that craves for hugs, smiles, laughter, love and bonding? Are we getting too busy for these basic yet most important aspects in the development of children? 

The above all starts in early life and it is important for us all to invest into the early years of our children.

Until next time,