Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Assignment 1

The Assignment Series 1

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you all well. The jacaranda trees are in full bloom once again as it is that time of the year. As an avid gardener I also love seeing the various flowers blooming and giving colour to gardens. This always points back to how great our Creator is and how everything responds in due season. I have been working through some very interesting life lessons that I will be sharing with you all.

Talking about seasons the journey continues. I continue to be amazed by the various things that happen in the day to day lives of us humans. Tragedies befall us, we lose houses, family members, jobs and other trappings of this world just with a blink of an eye. As we go through painful moments we should always be delighted in the Glory of God and also be able to know that we are here for a purpose. The past two months I have also bee doing a bit of introspection on my own assignment on earth and how I have been fulfilling it.  Remember that each one of us is here for a purpose, to help somebody somewhere! You may actually be someone who brings healing to someone sick, be the lifejacket for someone who is drowning, lifting someone who has fallen and giving a solution to a problem. So we are all a solution to the equation.

How we play a part in that solution is in my view what matters. A beautiful question to always ask is “why was I born? It’s a lovely question whose answer exists and is very clear. You were created for an exclusive purpose and reason! In earlier posts I have always mentioned that we all need to align ourselves to that purpose and everything else then falls into place. Your very function in life should be different from others. When you look and compare a golf ball and a sandwich you see the hardness of one and the softness of the other. Functionality and purpose is different! Thus the purpose differs for each one of us.  So step number 1 is you need to know what your assignment is. It is important that you align yourself to the reason for your existence.

Remember your function is different from that of others!

Look out for the Assignment series 2

Until next time,


You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.